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Month: June 2018

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Charts: A Crazy June Ends With A Flat Nifty But Horrible Everything Else

The Nifty was totally flat in June, just as it was in May: And for 2018, we are actually up 1.7%. But the broader market – the CNX 500 – was down ...

Premium [Unlocked]: Banking Sector of FY 2018

In India – the economy which has become a rising beacon of growth among the investors, but the supporting wheel of its economy, the banking sector has been ...

The failure of the INVITs to gather investor attention

One of the most anticipated non-equity public issue in 2017 was of IRB Invit Bonds. This was supposed to herald a new way for Infrastructure and Real Estate ...

Macronomics: RBI Protects the Rupee By Selling Dollars, And Squeezes Rates Upwards

In Macronomics we'll look at the liquidity situation in the markets. Foreign investors have been pulling out money in both equity and debt markets. For the ...

Garware Wall Ropes Cancels Shares Issued to ESOP Trust, Bumps Up EPS 4%

An interesting note came about yesterday. Garware Wall-Ropes, a company that makes fishing nets and ropes and sporting nets and things like that, had a ...

Uncle Theta: The Devil in the Gamma – The Risk of Selling Options Close To Expiry

There has been a huge interest, recently, in doing the "mad option selling" thing. Some of this involves selling a very large number of out-of-the-money ...

The Folly of Retail Investors Lending People Money, Without Collateral, and That Too, Online

Peer to peer lending has been acclaimed as a breakthrough in the traditional business of lending. But it also has a number of drawbacks, which tend to be ...

Charts: The Nifty P/E Crosses 27 Again, But….

In what is going to be another boring statistic on how the market is overvalued here’s the one we do often: The market P/E ratio. The Nifty’s P/E ...

Q4FY18 Earnings Report: Results in Long Term Portfolio – Part 4

In continuation with the analysis of the Q4FY18 results, here is the fourth part covering four more companies that form part of our long term ...

Portfolio: We Exit Three Stocks In Our Long Term Portfolio

We're now going to exit a few more stocks from the Long Term Portfolio. We understand that there are altogether too many exits recently, but such is the market ...