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Month: April 2018

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Nifty Monthlies: A 6% Return in April Takes Nifty to Positive in 2018

After a couple of lousy months, April’s come to the rescue just as the Nifty closes at +6.2% for the month. This has been a very interesting month, just ...

Premium: The High Priced Stock Portfolio: One Year Returns at 33%, and the 2018 Portfolio

A year ago, we at Capitalmind tested and showcased a concept of Investing – Investing in High Price Stocks. While a back-test had shown merit in investing in ...

Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at APL Apollo Tubes Ltd

At Capitalmind, we often write posts on specific companies that we think are interesting and might make a good investment. In this post, we discuss a company ...

Portfolio (Unlocked): We Exit Supreme Petrochem From the Long Term Portfolio for 3x in Three Years

We are exiting Supreme Petrochem in long term portfolio. The stock has gone to a very high level since we bought it in September 2015 at 110 (Read post here). ...

Strides and Sequent Scientific Demerger into Solara : What is in it?

When we buy a tablet (drug) , the money we are paying is for the active pharmaceutical ingredients also called API which is the key ingredient in a drug that ...

Abeyaar #2: Book Value

In today’s Abeyaar, we’ll try and look at a phrase knowledgeable people keep talking about: Book Value. Amar: Oye, what is Book Value? Akbar: ...

Banks Take a Hit, Shareholders Take a Bigger Hit: Electrosteel Steels Edition

In the first big public stock bankruptcy resolution, Electrosteel Steels has been declared bankrupt and has now been sold. Vedanta will now become the new ...

Macronomics: The Silent Interest Rate Hike Happening Today

  India’s been trying to control some crazy moves on bonds. Yields went up to 7.8% recently – the government was paying a lot more to borrow ...

Premium (Unlocked): Fundas: Cash Flow – The Truth About Profit

The importance of Profits getting converted to Cash What happens when accounting profits are higher or lower than cash profits? How does it impact the company? ...

Uncle Theta: SEBI Gets Physical on Settlements

Uncle Theta is back after a long while to talk about the changing regulatory world of derivatives. There is a new concept that you now have to ...