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Month: December 2017

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Taking Stock: A Deeper Look Into GAIL

At Capitalmind, we often write posts on specific companies that we think are interesting and might make a good investment. In this post, we discuss a PSU ...

Premium: Wipro and Infy Buyback Trades Give Us 15% Each Within 6 Months

We now officially close the Wipro and Infy buyback arbitrages with a 15% return in each one eventually. A decent return for a relatively low risk trade after a ...

Should I Stay Invested? Should I Get Out? Making Sense of the Market Madness.

Is this time to exit completely from the markets? Is there too much valuation out there? In a quick post today we’ll take you through a couple of ...

Bond Baba: How Much Do Your Bond Funds Lose When Yields Rise?

What happens to bonds when yields rise? Don’t all bonds fall in price? Bond Baba goes into educational mode today. Bond yields have been rising in the ...

The Government Will Pay For Small Debit Card and UPI Merchants

The government is starting to change the rules of the game for digital payments and debit cards. It has now decided to pay the fees that merchants must pay ...

Charts: Inflation's Back. Sort Of. 4.88% In November.

CPI Inflation for the month of November 2017 came in at 4.88%, the highest in 15 months. As you can see there was a bit of a flatline last year and while the ...

Macronomics: The Bond Market Warning You Should Be Aware Of

In Macronomics today, we take a look at what’s happening, quietly, on interest rates. So it turns out that things have rapidly changed in the last two ...

[Guest Post] Bitcoin: The Future of Money?

This is a guest post by Rohit Shenoy about the “cryptocurrency” that’s doing the rounds: Bitcoin. Summary: Bitcoin, a digital or crypto ...

Long Term Portfolio: Summary of Q2 FY18 Results

The season of Q1 results has almost come to an end. Most of the results are out. We thought we will compile results of Long term portfolio for you, so you can ...

Portfolio: Momentum Monthly Changes Replaces 10 Stocks. Sets Aside Cash For Later Buys

Every first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that form part of our Momentum portfolio. The performance of the portfolio since we started in ...