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Month: July 2017

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Macronomics: That Pesky P/E and CAPE Ratio Chart Which Reveals Extreme Valuations at Abysmal Earnings Growth

________________________________________________________________________ It’s unfashionable to talk about things like valuations now. The latest Howard ...

Uncle Theta: The No-Downside Strategy Beats the Nifty By 1% so far

________________________________________________________________________ In April we had mentioned a “No-Downside Strategy” on the Nifty. The ...

Portfolio: We Exit Two Stocks From Our Long Term Portfolio

________________________________________________________________________ We exit Mahindra & Mahindra from our Long Term Portfolio. Having enterd the ...

Taurus Funds get 30% of the Defaulted Ballarpur Debt, Banks Take Over the Distressed Paper Company

Remember Ballarpur? We know that it made Taurus Mutual Fund a big loss – in many of its debt schemes – when it defaulted on a debt payment. The ...

The ONGC-HPCL Deal: Not Much of A Deal Unless They Merge

Most Mergers and Acquisitions are sold on the premise of better synergy leading to improvement in efficiency and performance. Rare are such instances in real ...

Bond Baba: These Buybacks Don't Stop! Wipro Brings a Nice Story For a Low Risk Bet

The buyback strategy has been awesome so far. Started in July 2016, we saw the strategy have total gains of 36% in one year (read post). And then, we saw the ...

Outlier in Focus – INEOS Styrolution – A Global Styrenics Supplier

We come across a large number of interesting stocks in Capitalmind SNAP Outliers, our discovery tool for stocks with momentum. Here’s a look at INEOS ...

The Rapidly Moving Arbitrage in the Suprajit-Phoenix Lamps Merger

Two economists are walking down the street and one of them notices what appears to be a $20 bill on the sidewalk. “It’s not a real $20 bill,” the other ...

Macronomics: India's Financial Stability Report Shows Super-Stress In The Banking System

We've had an NPA bulge, demonetization, GST, Loan Waivers, Bankruptcy Law, Lower bond yields etc. This impacts the financial sector a lot. And here are some ...

Capitalmind Premium Reads: A Bookshelf for Market Related Reading

How do you wade through the un-filtered chatter of your daily life? We’re here to help! Read books that our premium members have read, and found ...