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Month: November 2016

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Demonetization Industry Comments: Cements See Contraction, Automobile Slowdown, Low Impact on NBFCs

We record what companies have said about the impact of the demonetization of Rs. 500/1000 notes to their business. This is a live post – more reactions will ...

Ahluwalia Contracts, IDFC Bank, Glaxosmithkline & Hindustan Petroleum Witness Big Deals

We bring you the “Big Deals” for today. A summary of the most important Bulk and Block Deals. Today’s Big Deals: Ahluwalia Contracts – an ...

TNPL Revenue Growth at 22%, Despite Lower Volumes

TNPL – the Tamil Nadu based paper production company has reported 22.10% increase in its revenue along with an profit growth of 18.56% of YoY. The higher ...

On Slack: Benami Act, China’s Property Frenzy, Drain Excess Liquidity, Emerging Markets Sell Off, GST Ambit, Islamic Window, Modi-Fied, Recounts Looming, Unaccounted Deposits, White Paper India VIX and more….

The Slack Discussions The Slack group at Capital Mind Premium has been extremely active and if you haven’t been there (Premium subscribers only), pop us a ...

Another Voluntary Cash Disclosure Scheme with 50% Tax, For Cash Deposits. Pay 80%+ If Caught.

The government has proposed changes to the income tax act about “unexplained cash deposits” in bank accounts.   Let me interpret: You need to ...

Portfolio: Adding A Healthcare Company In Our Momentum Portfolio

Today we add this healthcare company, which has been trending strongly post good ...

Again: How We Should Curb Black Money by Cutting Tax Exemptions in Real Estate

The fight against black money needs a serious rethink. The demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes won’t help that much. If you have black money, ...

RBI Increases CRR, Takes 300,000 Cr. From Banks For No Interest For A Fortnight

The RBI has decided to go ballistic on liquidity. There’s just too much cash in the system. People deposit money and there are withdrawal limits, so cash ...

Mashup – A Look At The Week Gone By – Edition 10

Capitalmind Mashup – a weekly newsletter to bring you a platter of publications over the past few days. All content shared here can be accessed by users ...

Macronomics: What is Reverse Repo and How Are Banks Dealing With Too Much Money?

The banking system is going through a totally crazy time. People have deposited over Rs. 500,000 cr. in two weeks since demonetization was announced. Since ...