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Which Companies Do Dolly Khanna, Ashish Kacholia and 17 Other Large Investors Own? Get the Big Whales Report Today!


Where do Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ashish Kacholia and other big investors put their money? The Big Whales Report from Capital Mind has this for you – downloadable and purchaseable now. (Note: Free for all full subscribers to Capital Mind Premium)

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portfolios of top indian investors - march 2016 quarter

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We have collected the investment portfolios of top 19 Indian richest investors and have made the data available to you in an organised format using charts and graphs. We clearly point out the investor’s

  • Sector wise allocation
  • Their investment activity for the quarter ending March 2016
  • More details like – 
    • Company
    • Sector
    • No. of Shares
    • % Holding
    • Share Price & 
    • Market Value

This is based on stock exchange revelations which show stocks where investors own more than 1% of their equity. Note however that these investors may have other stocks (where they own less than 1%) which are not publicly available and therefore are not part of this report.

And, we have a teaser for you! The teaser shows you the portfolios of 2 top investors, namely – Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Dolly & Rajeev Khanna. Our full report on Indian top investors and their portfolios holds the data of 19 investors. Our premium members get the full report as part of their subscription

Now you can claim a copy of the full report at a nominal price of Rs. 499/-. Click the link here and once the payment is confirmed, you can download your copy of Big Whales March 2016 report.

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