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In Very Boring IIP News, Jan 2014 is +0.1%


The Index of Industrial Production has come in at +0.1%, the first positive growth figure since September 2013. This is a very “oh okay, whatever” kind of number. So I’m just going to chart it.image

And if you’re interested in more extremely unexciting growth numbers,here we go:


I hate to say this but a 0.7% number is not at all newsworthy. I wish I could derive joy from the fact that IIP Manufacturing has in fact come closer to the zero line than in the earlier month, but…no.

Anyhow. Since I do this every month, I might as well finish it off with the slightly more exciting use-based charts:


In what seems to be good news, the data for Dec 2013 has been modified up to reflect a drop of only -0.17% versus the first announced -0.56%. (This gets harder and harder to justify spending time on)

As you can see, it’s all not looking all that great but not looking worse than earlier either. If markets react to this news I think we should collectively bang our heads against the wall. But then, what do I know?


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