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MOSPI Shifts Data Release Time To 5:30 PM


The release of CPI, IIP and GDP data will soon be moved to 5:30 PM. Presumably this avoids volatility in the market during the time that this data is released.


If so, I think this is silly and mollycoddling of the government. Who cares if there’s volatility, let there be! we are mature enough to handle it. But given that this has been there forever, the only thing I can think of is that this data will be quite bad in the coming months which is why the post-market release has been scheduled.

The other thing this means is that people who used to get their data a few minutes earlier will not have ample time to front-run the market since they are likely to get the data in the morning while we receive it later. Analyzing options data might be revealing.

Coming soon is the IIP and CPI data (later this week) and in a couple more months, the GDP data.


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