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The Final Version of Budgetonomics is Up


The final version of Budgetonomics is here! You will find two new chapters:

You’ll find two new chapters:

  • Historical charts: charts on public finance going all the way back to 1970. You’ll find charts on how we – individuals, as opposed to companies,  now account for  20% of taxes, up from 5% in 1970. And much more!
  • Avoid the DDT: If you have been looking for income on your mutual funds which buy debt (so are a little more secure than equity), then the new dividend distribution tax rule (of 25%) will hurt you. But you can achieve the same income by using a systematic withdrawal plan and pay far lower tax: Check out the detailed article and analysis in the ebook.

The e-Book is now 65 pages long.

Here’s one of the new charts:


And of course, while I’m hustling, so I might as well tell you to buy this book (Click the image below to see purchase options, a table of contents and other info):


And if you’re thinking – I’m going to buy this anyway (it’s Rs. 99/-) you can do it directly:

Buy The e-Book “Budgetonomics” Now!

We hope you like it.

This will be my last hustle post on this topic, and I know I’ve digressed from normal programming to speak about content that isn’t available for free. But do not worry: Capital Mind continues to be free for the most part, and I will always maintain compelling content here.

Lastly, this is post number 2,000 on Capital Mind. It has been around 8 years since I started writing, and more than 2.5 million users have read the blog. The blog was first called “The Indian Investor’s Blog” at Then it became And finally, it was renamed “Capital Mind”. We have nearly 8,500 approved comments. The next 2,000 posts won’t take another 8 years; and there’s much more to come. Thanks for all the fish, and please keep coming back!


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