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Sep 2012 IIP Falls 0.4%


I know I shouldn’t bother with figures like IIP (Index of Industrial Production) that are hugely revised every season, but since I’ve been reporting them every month, I’ll continue. The headline number fell 0.4% for September:


As you can see:

  • Mining continues to falter at -7.49%, the second worst in 6 years.
  • Manufacturing growth in in a negative trend, but not at lows.
  • Electricity is negative for the first time in 6 years.

The Use based indexes are also showing a slowdown:



Past data has been revised. Jun 2012 IIP was revised to -1.98% after being first announced at -1.81%.

July 2012 data was revised to -0.06% after the headline announcement of +0.06%.

Aug 2012 data was revised to +2.29% from the first announced +2.66%.


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