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Chart: Market Cap To GDP is 63%


With popular request (from Kaushik) I have updated the Market Cap to GDP chart for India.

Market Cap is the total NSE Market Cap at the end of the month, and GDP is known quarterly, so I put it in at the last month of the quarter. At this time, we only know about GDP till Q3 2011-12 (Dec 2011), and the budget assumed about 89 trillion (1 trillion = 1 lakh crore) of 2011-12 GDP so I’ve taken that figure tentatively from March 2012. (Actual GDP figures come out only on 31 May)


We’re not quite at the lows of 2008 and not even as low as we had hit in December (59%). We are though at levels last seen in the troughs of 2008-09 and prior to that, in 2005 when it was an upward trend.

Total market cap as of May 18 was Rs. 56.49 trillion.

Yes, I know, not comparable, but it’s just a context.


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