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MV Chronicle: Understanding The Stop Loss


At the MarketVision Chronicle, I write about Understanding The Stop Loss. (You need to register, free)

The Stop Loss

It’s been a rough week with my back getting clobbered for the first half, and then my desktop’s hard disk bad-sectoring its way into oblivion in the second. And the laptop has been temporarily borrowed back from my son who is not happy at being denied the prospect of watching Finding Nemo for the 75,456th time. (Why isn’t there a sequel?)

In any case, before my son’s desire to watch Marlin, Dory and Nemo resurfaces, let me bring to you this week’s edition of the Chronicle, albeit a day late. Today I’ll speak about Stop Losses; next week, we’ll look at patterns.
Where we went last week
Last week I’d mentioned stocks making new 52 week highs. These, I said, were good candidates. Here’s how they did this week:
Last Week's Stocks

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Micromax Informatics, has withdrawn its Rs 426 crore initial public offering due to volatile market conditions, the company said.
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A welfare scheme is wrecking the national labor market, writes The Wall Street Journal in an editorial.
UP land mine is set to blow up in Mayawati’s face | Firstpost
A Firstpost investigation of the Noida land scam unearths new facts, where officials in Uttar Pradesh ganged up with builders and converted land acquired for industry to residential use. These new findings hit at the core of CM Mayawati’s land politics.


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