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Welcome To A New


After years of having stayed with templates that I built by hand, I decided to give up and go with the professionals. Welcome to the new Capital Mind – at Screen shot 

The new site has a slider  at the top, highlighting stories that I would most encourage you to read. I’ll soon start to index posts into a larger catalogue and redo the links between them to make a logical chain.

I’ve kept the ads down in this version, and they are very non-intrusive.

All the old links redirect seamlessly to this site. Links, comments etc. all work. They all seem to look better.

RSS feeds will continue to work from The great thing about using an external RSS

There’s my twitter feed, and the link to the Facebook page of Capital Mind – Please "Like" it.

Technical details: I have migrated to WordPress from Blogspot, using the built-in importer. I followed further instructions from Justinsomnia that helped me redirect the old links exactly to the new format. And I learnt how to use .htaccess to set up 301 redirects so I don’t lose all the Google Juice I’ve built up (I think).

I’ve also used AntispamBee, not Akismet. Akismet has been the wordpress anti-spam choice for ages, until they decided to get aggressive and charge for usage if you even had one ad. I’d pay if there weren’t free alternatives doing the same thing, and AntispamBee does the job just as well.

The site should look good on an iPhone also, thanks to WPTouch (and to @codelust, my partner at MarketVision, who set this up!)

The theme is a free one (Jambo) from Simplethemes.  I urge you to visit and check their premium themes out. They are absolutely incredible, and the deal to get all their themes for just $49 (for three months) – Rs. 2300 – is ludicrously cheap.

No, seriously: Visit SimpleThemes.

(Note: this is not an advertisement. They don’t even know who I am. I downloaded their free template to check it out and decided to use it. But I’m still going to pay them)

This is going to be the biggest month for the blog, with 40,000 page views already. I should discount some as I have been testing the new design, but for all those who’ve visited, thanks and do keep coming!

Oh, I’d love your comments. Do let me know what you think!


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