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More MLM: Insurers, Fraud MLMs and Videos


I’ve been getting a dramatic number of emails regarding the Multi-Level Marketing article. Some comments:

  • From @monikahalana Mint write up about how Insurance agencies were trying to copy this MLM model by making people buy policies but get kickbacks as they sold the concept to others.
  • A couple of people asked me to consider which supposedly is a “better” MLM scheme. While the products look inexpensive, I have no idea how good they are, and their incentive schemes are quite biased towards getting more people on board.
  • Oh and it seems there was something called Japan Life Mattresses – sold for 1 lakh – where the idea was again MLM. A number of people fell into the trap, and the owner Vasant Pandit basically said “too bad”. (Oh, he’s seriously connected, this guy)
  • Two excellent videos by CNN-IBN investigating how MLM companies have cheated consumers in the past. (One, Two)

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