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How much tax do you save in Budget 2010?


How much do you save in Income tax with the new slabs? Enter your taxable income (net of all deductions like 80C, medical insurance etc.) and hit the “Calculate” button to see how much more you save per month, starting April 1, 2010.

Disclaimer: This is NOT tax advice. This is educational material only.

Enter your income:
(Net of all deductions, 80C etc.)
Women Senior Citizen

For Amount: Rs.
Taxes Paid in 2009-10 Taxes Paid in 2010-11
Description Tax Description Tax
Slab 1: Slab 1:
Slab 2: Slab 2:
Slab 3: Slab 3:
Surcharge: Surcharge:
Cess: Cess:
Total: Total:
Per Month:
Copyright (c) Deepak Shenoy, 2010

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