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How Can I Make This Blog Better For You?


I took a long look at this blog and decided it’s time for change. I’m too bearish, or I’ve started talking too much about absurdly unintelligible concepts, or stopped talking about things that people used to come for.

I had very little time with my work schedule and haven’t paid too much attention to writing, but now I will have time. I’m going to ask you for some help! Monday is my last day at work, and I’ll be taking a break for the next few days and get back. Meanwhile here is a question worth repeating and your responses are much appreciated.

How can I help make this blog better for you?

I’m going to prefill some of the stuff I’ve heard. Add your own!

  • Change the Layout: I’ve used space inappropriately, and the blog isn’t good on the eyes. I plan a move to a 2 column format, and any blogger template/layout pointers are appreciated. I need to rename the blog too – something shorter would be nice.
  • Do more social media: I need to use something better in terms of forums, comments, Facebook. Currently, all twitter posts are on top but that’s of little use – I plan to do a weekly/daily summary post of the twitter content, as a substantial part of my posting happens there nowadays.
  • Go Mobile: I can’t stand my blog on the mobile format – I need to use a template that easily scales to the mobile web, complete with reduced size images and so on. Any pointers?
  • Write about…: What do you want to read?
    • Trading: Charts, macro-data, trading pointers, money management, System trading?
    • Personal Finance: More on Insurance, Mutual funds, Bonds, Taxes etc?
    • Stock Analysis: Fundamentals, Views, Opinions on individual stocks?
    • Macro/Econ Fundas: About GDP/Economy/Markets, Credit Growth, Taxes etc.
    • US/World Economy?
    • Anything else?
  • Tools: Online tools or pages that consolidate data from various sources, to see in a useful way.
  • Any other suggestions?

Much appreciate your response, thanks in advance!


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