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GMR announces Ice Cream Options in Hyd Airport


Thanks to Sanjay Bakshi, I found GMR’s “important” corporate announcement (full pdf):

Swirls from Kwality Walls has opened a new Ice Cream Parlour at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

The premium brand, which offers high-quality premium ice cream, specialty frozen desserts and beverages from its stable, is located between the domestic and the international check-in counters at RGIA, and is covered in an area of 6 sq mts.

SIX WHOLE SQUARE METRES! And now there are three options for ice cream at hot-hot Hyderabad, with Gelato’s and McDonald’s.

How informative! Next we will know about the panwallah who took the 1 square meter shop and the shoe shine boy who doesn’t even take up space. Just how much of Hyderabad airports space has actually been leased?

GMR Stock though languishes at Rs. 76, far from its highs of 250, the ice-cream announcement doing it no good at all. I think the PR folks want to keep their job, so anything goes.


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