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News and Views and Malaria


Wife has malaria. Malaria is a bad bad thing. Do not get it. I am serious. And its worse when you’re a mom. As if childbirth wasn’t enough. This is one of those times I keep saying, “Why not me?”

I am learning how difficult the job is to manage a 1 year 10 month old, and how much fun it is too. Sudden big respect for wife has happened. We will have small pause in blogging.

Some business news:

  • Gilts have lost a few percentage points after that heady gain. But interest rates are coming down, and I still think we see the 4% target in a year.
  • Satyam told to stay away from World Bank. All bad news comes together. Not malicious, just the bad part of the news.
  • Oil is below $40. Deflation, here we come.
  • Someone sent a hoax SEBI letter to Pyramid Saimira, saying they gotta do a buy back offer at Rs. 250 a share. Some pissed off trader, that was.
  • First you lose 77% in one fund and then, 67% in another fund. So you shut them both down. And then, you start, gasp, a third fund. Say hello to Jeffrey Gendell of Tontine capital. (Luckily, investors in the existing funds can participate and not pay performance fees until their losses are recouped.)

Stay safe.


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