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F&O Course: Thanks for the response!


Thanks for the awesome response to the F&O Course. While I have more than 200 responses and counting, I think I must moderate my course to a smaller audience because of infrastructure constraints.

Modus operandi: I will use WizIQ to schedule the session. I was planning to have it this Saturday but it might turn out I have a few meetings, so am leaving that open for now. Will get back about the time/place .

WizIQ only allows 50 members per free session, so I will have to ask some of you to wait it out and look through the recording later. And if this session is a success I will take the sessions commercial (that way I can subscribe to their service and get 500 people per session). Sessions are stored online, and can be accessed later (upto 30 days).

I will get back tomorrow with more details. Also I will have a test session – just to see how audio etc. works – for about half an hour, with a quick introduction to the derivative markets. I’ll plan that up and get back to you. Thanks for the response again, and I hope we’ll have a great first session and more to come.


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