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SOS Trades: Rollovers and Put Close, +75K


For the Short Only Strategy, I’ve had to do some stuff:

  • Rolled over ICICI Bank and Unitech over to the September Futures. Prices are way below, so the rollover (buying back Aug future and selling Sep future) has resulted in a positive cash value.
  • Closed the 4400 put at a price of 186 – a profit of Rs. 47 from about a week ago. For 400 Nifty, this is a booked profit of Rs. 19,200, with brokerage taking about 3k out.
  • You might notice that I’ve put fairly high values of brokerage in there, but this strategy isn’t dependent on low brokerage.

Yes, if I had done this, I would have to pay income tax on the profit. I can’t see why that should stop anyone from making a profit.

At this point the SoS deal is up 75.9L. With less than 20% of the cash deployed, the profits are about 1.5% on the whole portfolio, in about two weeks. Too early to say it’s good – let’s see after six months or so. But I’ll keep this blog updated.

SOS Trades: Rollovers and Put Close, +75K

Click here for the full spreadsheet.

Disclosure: No current positions. As usual, this is education only, please don’t trade this, blah blah blah. You should NEVER consider this to be advice; it’s just my own fundas, just for myself.


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