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Interviewed: Moneyoga's change of plans


Kamla Bhatt has interviewed me on our recent change in plans – to move to the new algorithmic trading concept.

The point is not to predict; it’s to react. You cannot control what will happen; you can only control your reaction when it happens.

Unfortunately we tend to panic as a group. Our markets have had age-old sayings – the equity markets will always turn around, that
real estate prices can never go DOWN, that we are “decoupled” from the U.S. credit crisis, that our banking system is much more robust, that inflation is no big deal. Slowly and steadily, each of these phrases is getting question marks suffixed. Tomorrow there will be more
questions, and very few answers. But I like to say – there is always money to be made from the markets. Greed, Fear, Panic or Listlessness, every emotion can have a positive rupee value associated with it.


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