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Month: May 2007

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Reported EPS figures may be of no investor value

I’d noted that Info Edge reported its EPS figures wrong. Unfortunately they may be legally allowed to report wrong EPS figures – because they are ...

Info Edge Q4 – A mathematical error?

InfoEdge has announced it’s 4th Quarter 2007 results: Like earlier, they seem to have their mathematics wrong. This time they note an annual revenue for ...

Budget Amendments 2007: FBT on ESOPs clarified, cement spared

Budget 2007 has new amendments:. The finance minister has announced a change in the ESOP FBT concept – now the FBT will: a) be levied on the date of ...

BHEL announces a 1:1 bonus

BHEL has now announced a 1:1 bonus – that means one for every share you own. The record date is June 1, 2007. Post June 1, the share price will drop by ...