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New place, same blog


I’ve moved my blog’s location – you will now see that this blog is hosted at:

Nothing’s changed, and the old links will still work. But just a new place that I can really call my own blog!

You might ask – what’s Investraction? Frankly, it is going to be a web site. A comprehensive web site that will host my blog, further articles that I will write and eventually, a complete package of tools that will help you become a smarter investor.

But its not yet ready and right now nothing’s been remotely done. But I expect to get some work done slowly (and steadily) and eventually will announce it here.

Tell me what you would like in a financial web site – yes, we will have stock quotes and mutual fund NAVs. But we’ll have a LOT more than that! We’ll allow you to compare funds based on annual expenses, entry loads, and load adjusted returns. We’ll allow you to build portfolios online and see how you have fared. We’ll even set up mock trading so that you can see how to buy, sell and trade online.

When will this be ready? Very soon. I’ll post a progress map and will add features as more and more people request them.

I hope that this way I will help build smarter investors. And at least for the near future, everything will be free.


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