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Month: January 2007

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Don't believe the headlines

Look at the following two headlines: Infosys Q3 net rises 6% at Rs 983cr Sintex Q3 net up 27% at Rs 25.9cr These are headings from the same web site, and it ...

Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 – beware of dividend pushers!

A number of mutual fund distributors and advisors are hard-selling Birla Sun Life’s Tax Relief 96 scheme, saying that they will give 1000% dividend in ...

LinkFest #6: Resolutions, Funds and Buffet

Seven Resolutions for mutual fund investors in 2007 (MoneyControl) Sanjay Matai tells you seven things to remember and follow: Be wary of NFOs, Share prices ...

Value Cost Averaging

Happy New Year everyone! I’ll start this year with an investment concept called Value Cost Averaging (VCA). This is a regular investment strategy which ...