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Walmart Pulls Off Welspun's Sheets But Will Continue Relationship

After an abrupt termination of a decade long relationship by US retailer Target, Welspun seems to have hit a wall with the giant retailer Walmart as well. ...

Welspun Now Investigated by Walmart for Quality Issues

Welspun gets into even more trouble now. After Target terminated its decade plus relationship with Welspun, the stock tanked 20%. And then, in their conference ...

Not So WelSpun: Target Finds No Egyptian Cotton Used in Sheets Sold By Welspun, Terminates Relationship

Welspun India is down 20% on its lower circuit today. That’s because Target, it’s second largest customer, terminated its relationship because: ...

March 2016 Results – Indiabulls Real Estate and Welspun India

Q4 Results are out! As the companies line up to disclose their performance report, we bring you a daily summary of the previous days results. Here is a quick ...