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Experimental: Bonus Stripping to Legally Cut Down Taxes

If you've made too much in capital gains this year, you're now worried about paying the taxman. And there's a legal way to avoid paying those taxes now - and ...

What Happens to Company Cash Flows During a Lockdown

Cash flows are the life line of every business. Efficient management of cash flows is instrumental in a business firing on all cylinders. On the other hand, ...

Outlier in Focus: A Brief Look at SRF

The SRF stock has been moving considerably well. Let’s run a check on what business SRF is in. Also Check out our Taking Stock series, where we have more ...

Exit SRF, lousy results

SRF has announced its first quarter FY08 results. They are lousy, with a 31% drop in profits. Even sales of CERs have shown a decline. They COULD have done a ...

SRF gets carbon credits; a huge inventory now

Interesting carbon credit news: SRF has been issued 7.72 lakh carbon credit units (CERs) by UNFCCC, the issuing agency. Till now SRF has been issued about 86.5 ...