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RBI Cuts Rates to 6%, But markets don't care.

RBI has finally cut rates. By 0.25%. This means very little to most people, but effectively banks can borrow lower from RBI, at 6% now versus 6.25% yesterday. ...

Macronomics: There Are Many Reasons to Cut Rates, But 3 Solid Reasons Not To

Raghuram Rajan's last monetary policy statement as governor comes tomorrow, and the big question is: Will he go out with a bang, by cutting ...

RBI Release: Rate Cuts, Sector Sops

The RBI has cut rates by 1%. The Repo rate is now 6.5% and the reverse repo is 5%. Just 1%? I believe a much bigger response is necessary, but then ...

Rate cuts: ECB does 0.75%

The European Central Bank has cut interest rates by 75 basis points, to 2.5%. This follows the UK rate cut by 1%, and most other European and Chinese cuts. And ...