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[Podcast] How does short selling work?

Short selling is mostly misunderstood and often demonized. Quite understandable, it's difficult to put your head around a concept that involves selling ...

[Podcast] What led to the crisis at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)?

We discuss the crisis at Silicon Valley Bank. How this seemingly robust, conservative, bank with $180 billion in deposits tumbled down in just a couple of ...

[Podcast]: The problem with “adjusted” financial accounts

 Anyone who thinks financial accounting is boring hasn’t seen the creativity in some of the financial statements. Not just in ...

Podcast: SEBI takes a big chunk of income away from stock brokers

In this podcast, Deepak and Shray discuss the nuances of stock broking and how proposed regulations are going to impact the stock broking industry. They ...

Podcast: Where to invest in 2023?

 Forecasting is a very difficult business, like selecting lottery tickets. No one could have predicted 2022 as a year in which there was ...

[Podcast] Imagining MERA: My Empowered Retirement Account

 Here’s something to think about before we begin. Your imagination will set some context. Imagine, you can have a retirement ...

Podcast: LIC’s Uncommon Profit and The HDFC Twins

In this episode, Deepak & Shray break from the trend of the 50,000 feet views and do something different. Rather than zooming out, we zoom in. We discuss two ...

Podcast: Investing in a world with high interest rates

Deepak and Shray discuss on navigating the current investment landscape, what higher interest rates could mean for various asset classes, and the assets one ...

Podcast: UPI is most valuable when free

RBI released a discussion paper that said: We’ve let you good people live all this time with “free” payment systems, so should we allow banks to start ...

Podcast: Why SEBI should implement India’s EDGAR and more

Recently, as of 7th September 2022, total Demat accounts in India touched the 10 crore mark. This is a staggering increase from 40 crore Demat accounts in Mach ...