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The Nifty P/E Chart: Still Getting Paid For Pathetic Growth

We’ve been asked about Nifty P/E ratios – the Price to Earnings Ratio – which is a graph we often publish. In June we wrote about how the ...

Nifty Midcaps Become Madcaps When You Look at Their P/E and Earnings Growth

The Nifty Midcap Index is at a new high. And guess what, it’s P/E ratio is also at a new high. Because that Earnings Growth for the Nifty Midcap index, ...

Nifty Consolidated P/E is 20 While 10 Year Earnings Growth Is Lowest Ever

When you calculate the price to earnings ratio of a stock you divide the market price by the earnings per share. How do you do that for an index? You take the ...

Halonix: A PE run company

This is a "notes" post about a company I was tracking. I now feel the need to use the blog to note down things. Halonix (earlier Phoenix Lamps) is a ...