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 Annual Report Review : Parag Milk Foods Limited

In continuation to our annual report review series, in this post we review the annual report of Parag Milk Foods Limited (PMFL). Parag is in the diary business ...

Premium: A Look at the Dairy Industry – Part 2

In the first part of this series we examined the Dairy Industry in India, ​and today we will discuss the important financial metrics of the following listed ...

Earnings Report Closing Piece : 3QFY17 : 663 Companies Till Date With Management Comments!

Here is a quick summary of the 3QFY17 financial results for all the companies announced till date. This is the final results piece for 3QFY17 having covered ...

Parag Milk Foods Reports Flat Figures, Banks On Rising Middle Class Population

Parag Milk Foods –  one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of dairy‐based branded foods in India. The company commenced operations in 1992 ...

Big Whale Ashish Kacholia adds Parag Milk Foods to his portfolio

Parag Milk Foods Marking its debut on the Indian Stock Market, Parag Milk Foods (PARAGMILK) closed at Rs. 248/- with a premium of Rs. 30.50/-. The price band ...