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Moodys Upgrades Its English By Adding Entire New Alphabets to What It Thinks of India

Moody’s has decided that India’s rating outlook is now “Positive” from “Stable”, yesterday. India is rated “Baa3 ...

#Linkfest: Gold Shortage, Bad Rating Agencies, Services PMI , Low Auto Sales and the Fun in Greece

Gold’s trading at a high premium. Get this, RBI. You can’t reduce the consumption of a product by restricting supply, when demand is high. Jewellers are ...

Reader Comment: India’s Rating The Same as Iceland?

Reader Ramaiah comments: India debt rating is BBB- which is equivalent of Iceland. Iceland is broken during the credit collapse. Is India that bad? Does it ...

S&P gets wiser, Realpoint moves in to fill the "gap"

Time for some rating agency news. S&P threatens to cut CMBS ratings, so people are rushing to Realpoint (news by Reuters), another yet-to-be-approved CMBS ...