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[Newsletter]: Quick glance of Indian market & more

Yet another bad week for IT stocks as the index dropped 5.4% this week and 18% over the year. PSU bank stocks were up 2.1% for the week and are having a ...

Nasdaq aces 2023, Market Overview and 5 Good Reads

This week, although had only 3 trading days, was fantastic for the markets as Nifty 50 gained 3%. Gold and Silver are making new highs as well. RBI paused the ...

Our Best Stuff in 2019

2019 is sliding towards a close, it has been an interesting year in the markets. Interesting developments have taken place along the year – issues with ...

Chart: Gold Beats Up the Current Account Deficit, But FDI Comes To The Rescue

A quick look at a few charts on the Current Account Deficit today. Remember, the Current Account of the country involves finding out what all we import, what ...

The Macro in 2018: The Rupee, Banks Rescuing NBFCs, Low Inflation and Central Bank Insanity

As 2018 comes to a close, the macro seems to have become interestingly important. The most important thing this year seems to have been the oil and the rupee. ...

Industrial Production Contracts in April as Manufacturing Falls 3%

The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) actually contracted in April, being lower by 0.8% than April of 2015. This is a serious move away from the recent GDP ...

Big 7.9% GDP Growth in Q4 on Manufacturing Revival

How would you measure GDP Growth? By comparing it to last year. And when you get a GDP growth figure like 7.9% you always get up and say, wow! This is the ...

Inflation Jumps to 5.39% in April, Core Inflation Goes Back To Dangerous Territory

India’s inflation for April 2016 sprung a surprise: it went up to 5.39% as a surprise.  The worry really is food inflation. Housing inflation goes up in ...

Economy: Manufacturing PMI At Highest Rate of Expansion in 8 Months

India’s Purchasing Manager’s Index for Manufacturing (by Markit) has gone up to an 8 month high at 52.4 – anything above 50 means expansion ...

Remittances Dip To 5-year Low, But Startup Investments Help FDI

India’s losing its love from Indians abroad: Deposits from NRIs and remittances from Indians abroad have reached multi-year lows in the December ...