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Metaverse ain’t fun, DSP Global Innovation Fund sounds fun, Trivial things are fun & More

Here's what we are covering today: ☀️ World Markets: Why are Facebook and social media stocks sinking? ☀️ New Mutual Fund NFO: They're selling you ...

How Reliance Plans To Get “Net Debt Free”

Reliance Industries Ltd.’s focus on reducing debt in times of uncertainty has led to a re-rating in the share prices. It has announced multiple transactions ...

Whatsapp Bought by Facebook for $19 Billion

The famous messaging service, Whatsapp, has been acquired by facebook for: $4 Billion in cash $12 Billion in facebook shares $3 Billion to employees in stock ...

FaceBook and Unfair Disclosure

The Facebook IPO has underwhelmed. US IPOs are first sold to any investor who can wiggle a favour from their broker, and then listed. The IPO was at $38 and ...