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BCCI Cancels Deccan Chargers' Contract, DCHL in the Very Deep End

The DCHL woes have no end – actually, now it’s the woe of the bankers to Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited that are crying now. BCCI – the ...

Deccan Chronicle: Now, Fraud and Forgery

The Deccan Chronicle (DHCL) story isn’t just about a default, it seems. It has gone into the zone of fraud and deceit, if you go by an article in DNA. ...

Deccan Chronicle MD Resigns, Stock Down 18%

The Managing Director of Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited (DCHL) has resigned and the stock is down 18.8% on Friday, on very heavy volume. DCHL, as readers ...

The Owner of Deccan Chargers Defaults

(This is a story via Dheeraj Singh) Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd. (DCHL), the owner of the Deccan Chargers IPL team (and the newspaper business, the Odyssey ...