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Macronomics: The Silent Interest Rate Hike Happening Today

  India’s been trying to control some crazy moves on bonds. Yields went up to 7.8% recently – the government was paying a lot more to borrow ...

Everything’s Going Up. Including Bond Yields, Which Might Be A Problem

Sometimes there’s a bull market. And a crazy bull market that takes everything up, and we sometimes ignore that there are other, liquid markets out ...

Sneakily, Indian and US Long Term Yields are Rising!

There’s something strange happening in India – and indeed, the world – with longer term rates and bonds. It looks like interest rates are ...

The 10 Year Bond Auction Devolves Today as Banks Get Greedy Before The Fed Rate Decision

The devolvements have started again! Last week, we saw the bond auction devolve (just a little bit) as the RBI refused to sell at higher yields even though ...

The Fed Ends QE3, But It’s Not Going To Hurt

The US Fed finally ended their quantitative easing (QE) program yesterday. The program consisted of the federal reserve printing money to buy a truckload of US ...