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The Jio moment for Indian Cement sector

"I am recollecting my old days at Ambuja where we are of the very fast movers in the industry. Looking at consolidation way back in the late 90s and early ...

Results: 18 of 50 Nifty Companies Show 0.6% Decline in Net Profit for Q4 2016, Annual Growth at 11%

Q4 Results are out! As the Nifty 50 companies line up to disclose their performance report, we bring you a summary of their results along with the schedule ...

Premium: Cement Industry – the wrecked driver of Indian Economy

Cement is a key ingredient in the development of the economy as it is indispensable for nation building and has a direct linkage with the nation’s health and ...

Tech System: ACC Makes It Up 6% to Exit.

I have been testing an interesting Bollinger band reject system combined with an MACD crossover. This seems to be useful in trending times like now. I ...

Tech Note: BHEL Does Well, Look For Gap Traverse. ACC Might Set Up

In a post on August 23, I wrote about a setup I saw in BHEL which seemed to follow a nice W pattern involving a lower bollinger reject and a potential move up. ...