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Abeyaar: What is this DHFL Default and Debt Mutual Funds Crashing?

In simple terms, tell me what this thing is with Dewan Housing Finance (DHFL) defaulting. Like really simple. Like I’m just a fellow who put money in a ...

Abeyaar: Amortization in Debt Funds

A recent change in SEBI rules will hit the debt fund market soon. The rule says just one thing: That funds will have reduce amortization on bonds to only those ...

Abeyaar: RBI Is Hoarding Too Much Capital And Can Pay A Chunk To The Government

The Government’s asking the RBI for money, and saying it has too much capital. The conversations around this are of this sort: Oh man the government is ...

Abeyaar: ICICI Mutual Fund's Rumoured Bailout of the ISEC IPO

So this happens to be a “rumour” as we speak. That ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, a famous mutual fund, in the sense of actually having a reputation ...

Abeyaar #2: Book Value

In today’s Abeyaar, we’ll try and look at a phrase knowledgeable people keep talking about: Book Value. Amar: Oye, what is Book Value? Akbar: ...

The Abeyaar Series #1: Evergreening

A conversation on Slack today on our Premium channel led to this explanation of the concept of “evergreening” loans by banks. So let’s say ...