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Arman Financials: Serving India UnInc.

If our economy sneezes, people at the fag end of the economic pyramid catch a cold, and so does the MFI industry that serves them. Even within these adverse ...

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Varun Beverages: Bottled Excellence

With ongoing capacity expansion and strategic moves into new territories, Varun Beverages is positioning itself to capture increased market share and enter new ...

Why we like Kaynes Technology

The ESDM sector is taking off, growing at over 30% CAGR. Kaynes is riding this wave with high-margin products and with debt-free balance sheet. They are ...

APAR Industries: The Pickaxes and Tools Fueling Power Sector Growth

APAR Industries, a six-decade old powerhouse and a leading manufacturer of conductors, specialty oils, and cables. As a key player in the booming power sector, ...

Voltamp & CG Power: Riding the Power Demand Surge in India

Things are getting interesting in the power utility sector. Managements are sounding bullish. Companies are setting up new capex. Orders are pouring in. But ...

Looking for the best smallcase to invest in 2024? Make sure you look at these five things first.

There are hundreds of smallcases to choose from. Each month brings a new list of smallcases showing great short-term returns. But that's not how you should ...

Shivalik Bimetals: Bending metals through the electrification wave.

While India is fast moving towards electrification, Shivalik bimetals sit right at the heart of these trends. Smart meters, switchgears and automobile sector ...

Should you buy Kotak Bank now?

Kotak Bank is caught up in market pessimism due to a recent RBI ban on onboarding new online customers and issuing new credit cards. This raises pressing ...
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CM Fixed Income: Exiting Banking & PSU to Add a New Gilt Fund

We are increasing the duration of our Fixed Income portfolio to reflect the current macro conditions. We want to take advantage of the current higher rates to ...

Craftsman Automation: Poised for Growth Amid Temporary Headwinds

Unlock this post by trail. Craftsman Automation excels in making precise parts for cars and machines. Amidst temporary headwinds, looks resilient with a focus ...

The Focused Way of Investing: Our Four-Quadrant Strategy and FY24 Review

FY24 brought us a 42% gain in our Capitalmind Focused portfolio, gently outperforming the Nifty's 29%. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster, especially these ...