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Month: February 2024

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Capitalmind Chase Entry and Exit Rules

Ceasing the 'Chase' strategy on March 31, 2024, because its hourly monitoring and new trading hours complexity conflict with our aim for straightforward ...

Why we like hotel Industry: SAMHI & INDHOTEL

This post is unlocked with the 14-day free trial. Find the link below👇 to start your free trial. With hotel demand expected to increase in the next few ...

Missing the night, now that everything is bright

After what seems to be a remarkable run, Deepak speaks about how you're going to need both the ups and the downs for markets to really work. Inspired by the ...

Increasing allocations in three stocks of the Focused portfolio

We are deploying our existing cash into select portfolio companies that have delivered a strong performance, reinforcing our confidence to increase allocations ...

Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Aarti Industries

Over the last decade, the Indian chemical industry has distinguished itself as a global leader in terms of growth and creating shareholder value. The chemical ...

KSB Ltd – Capitalizing on Rising Infra Spends Through Strategic Expansions.

KSB Ltd., a leading manufacturer of pumps and valves, is well-positioned to leverage India’s growing infrastructure investments. Despite appearing as a ...