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[Newsletter] Letter from Fund Manager, 5 Good Reads and Market Overview


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  • Market Overview: Top Indices & Asset Classes
  • Letter from Fund Manager: Deepak Shenoy writes
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What’s up with markets?

The Nifty 50 index inches higher and attains a new peak. Despite street expectations of reaching the 20,000 mark on the Index, it didn’t materialise. Over the past year, Silver has delivered an astonishing 36% growth, while Gold has also performed admirably, showing an 18% increase.

[Newsletter] Letter from Fund Manager, 5 Good Reads and Market Overview

Once again, PSU Bank stocks are at the forefront this week, while IT stocks face the pressure due to Infosys’ subdued guidance. It will be intriguing to see when the IT sector rebounds from this situation.

[Newsletter] Letter from Fund Manager, 5 Good Reads and Market Overview

Letter from Fund Manager 

Quite regularly Deepak Shenoy, Fund Manager & CEO, writes to Capitalmind PMS Customers about his thoughts on the markets and shares an update on portfolio performance.

We take out an excerpt from these letters and publish on the website.

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