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[Newsletter] Market Overview, Capitalmind Portfolios & The Striding Man


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What’s up with markets? 📉📈

Nifty 50 had a flat-ish week as it lost 1% to close at 18203. With the recent announcement on withdrawal of Rs 2000 notes, there maybe some volatility in the coming week.

Over the year, Nifty has delivered 15% and gold is up 18%. S&P 500 is still playing catch up as the US economy struggles. Crude oil is down by 31% over the past year, as the shock of Russia Ukraine war is absorbed.

[Newsletter] Market Overview, Capitalmind Portfolios & The Striding Man

This week was again good for Realty stocks as the index is up 1.3% over the week and 14% in the last 3 months. Pharma stocks had a bad week as the index lost 3% over the week and underperformed NSE 500 by 8%.

[Newsletter] Market Overview, Capitalmind Portfolios & The Striding Man

Two factor portfolios ⭐

At Capitalmind Smallcase & Premium, we run two factor portfolios: Momentum and Low Volatility. Both of them are systematic, quantitative portfolios with different risk return profiles.

[Newsletter] Market Overview, Capitalmind Portfolios & The Striding Man

We recently published an quarterly update about both these portfolios.

Read: The Ebb and Flow of Momentum and Low Vol – May ’23 Update

What we are reading 📝


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