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Adani after a month, Market Overview and 5 Good Reads


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What’s up with markets? 📉📈

Nifty 50 was down 2.7% along with Gold, Silver, and crude also falling over the week.

A year ago, 24 Feb 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and started the war. While it was expected crude prices will touch new highs, the price of crude today is 17% lower.

Adani after a month, Market Overview and 5 Good Reads

Adani Enterprise continued to struggle with this week as well with a 23% drop. Cipla fell 6% this week mainly due to USFDA inspections at one of its plants. On the positive side, the little to cheer about comes from Divi’s lab which gained 2.8% over the week.

Adani after a month, Market Overview and 5 Good Reads

Off the chart

On 24th January, US-based short-seller Hindenburg Research published a scathing 32000+ word research report accusing the Adani group of “stock manipulation & accounting fraud”. It’s been a month since then and the stock prices of group companies are in deep red.

Adani after a month, Market Overview and 5 Good Reads

What we are reading 📝

This week’s question

Back in the 90s, This ice cream parlor would offer a free scoop of ice cream to students who scored good marks in their final exams. You would see many kids lining up to the ice cream parlor with a report card to claim a free ice cream scoop. After handing over the ice cream, the parlor would stamp the report card with “<brand name> scholars”.

Today it has over 70 outlets in NCR Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh states, offering a “Desi” version of Western fast food items.

Identify this north Indian food chain. Hit reply to this email and answer. 

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