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[3 Sep 22] Newsletter: Market overview, Weekly Youtube show & 5 Good reads!


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  • Market Overview: Sensex 30 PE trend, Macro markers & Market Movers
  • Links we like: 5 good reads on markets & money
  • Capitalmind Show: Kya Lagta Hai Bazaar on Youtube

Market Overview 🎯

Bajaj Finserv led the winner’s pack with a 5.7% gain extending its total gains for the month to 13.7%. IT stocks continued to tumble this week as well with Infosys facing the most heat with a 4.5% fall.

[3 Sep 22] Newsletter: Market overview, Weekly Youtube show & 5 Good reads!

Crude was up 5% last week and is down 7% this week. It’s a commodity that is right in the middle of the worldwide geopolitical energy tussle. Let’s see how the winter turns out to be.

Nifty closed flat this week amidst high enthusiasm for Indian markets as against its western counterparts. We have added the 10Y government bond yield to the macro markers that we’ll track each week.

[3 Sep 22] Newsletter: Market overview, Weekly Youtube show & 5 Good reads!

The Sensex PE ratio, in comparison to the long-term range, indicates that the Sensex 30 is at an attractive level to buy into.

[3 Sep 22] Newsletter: Market overview, Weekly Youtube show & 5 Good reads!

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Links we like 📝

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Kya Lagta Hai Bazaar🎙

We do a weekly show with Deepak Shenoy where we talk about markets, finance, and investing. A candid conversation to wrap up the week and a chance to interact with you all. Join in, every Friday, at 4 PM on YouTube.

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