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[27 Aug 22] Newsletter: Market overview, Weekly Youtube show & 5 Good reads!


🔆 Quick glance

  • Market Overview: Sensex 30 PE trend, Macro markers & Top stocks of the week
  • Links we like: 5 good reads on markets & money
  • Capitalmind Show: Kya Lagta Hai Bazaar on Youtube
  • Special Post: Capitalmind turns 8!

Market Overview 🎯

Coal India rose 5.7% this week extending its yearly gains to 67%. Yes, that’s right. The slow and good-for-dividend-only stock zoomed up the past year.

The IT pack (TCS, Infy, Wipro) is struggling because of a potentially tough winter (literally & metaphorically) in the west. Add to this inflated salaries and decreasing margins. It will be interesting to track this sector over the next 6 months on how it tackles these challenges.

[27 Aug 22] Newsletter: Market overview, Weekly Youtube show & 5 Good reads!

Crude seems to be the only thing that moves week after week. It closed 5% up this week while other macroeconomic indicators did little.

[27 Aug 22] Newsletter: Market overview, Weekly Youtube show & 5 Good reads!

The Sensex PE ratio, in comparison to the long-term range, indicates that the Sensex 30 is at an attractive level to buy into.

[27 Aug 22] Newsletter: Market overview, Weekly Youtube show & 5 Good reads!

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Links we like 📝

  • The trick to learning something new is to start with the trunk and big branches before you make your way to the twigs and leaves. In this article, Morgan explains how most of the complex details are derived from a few simple things. Read –  big beliefs
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  • Flashy narratives often fade, but robust fundamentals endure. Investors should heed the lessons of the recent selloff in US markets and ensure that they have conviction in the underlying businesses of stocks they own, and not just their share price. Read – how the drivers of market returns evolved
  • Doing only what has been asked of you. Nothing more. This is the new concept that’s aimed at helping you get better with your work-life balance. The internet is divided on it. What do you think?  Read – quiet quitting
  • Here are some of the best quotes from Naval Ravikant that can help you navigate reality better. Read – 11-quotes-by-naval-ravikant

Kya Lagta Hai Bazaar🎙

We do a weekly show with Deepak Shenoy where we talk about markets, finance, and investing. A candid conversation to wrap up the week and a chance to interact with you all. Join in, every Friday, at 4 PM on YouTube.

Listen in to the latest episode. And, don’t forget to leave a comment!

We turned 8! ✨

When we started Capitalmind not many believed in paid subscriptions.

Why pay, when everything is free?

It seems we broke the glass ceiling. And, are now aiming for the sky that is beyond it.😇


Read: Our journey, as we turn eight!

[27 Aug 22] Newsletter: Market overview, Weekly Youtube show & 5 Good reads!


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