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[11 Jun 22] Newsletter: Blinded by the past, Chasing perfection, Putting probabilities in perspective & More


5×5: Five articles summarised in five lines 🌟

  • Psychology: Your memory may blind you from the future
  • Frameworks: When does value investing give value?
  • Psychology: Chasing perfection in investing is futile
  • Math: Putting probabilities in perspective
  • Framework: How do you define quality?
  • (Last one) Pop Quiz #10: Guess the brand and win a hamper!

Only remember the Future ☘️

  • The stock market is a place for kids with little baggage from the past because things are always different
  • A 50-year-old would smirk at computer leasing stocks in the 1960s while young investors bought them for “unlimited growth”
  • There is a danger of getting stuck in this failure-driven learning loop of contemplation that can leave us with self-doubt and hesitation.
  • Intuitively, we learn by studying history and our own mistakes and actions.
  • But if we hold on to our memories too tightly, we close ourselves off from the present.

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Finding value in value investing 🎯

  • The value factor generates positive returns when cheap stocks outperform expensive ones.
  • That means investors are most likely to risk buying questionable companies when they’re more confident about the economy and the stock markets.
  • Such an approach requires you to constantly buy stocks primarily based on the risk factor.
  • It’s great to know how to improve the odds of generating returns with cheap stocks, but it hardly makes value investing easy.
  • Understanding what drives value factor performance is immensely helpful, but implementing a framework around those drivers is challenging.

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In markets, discipline beats perfection 😷

  • Missing out on investment fads is a feature, not a flaw, of diversification.
  • Instead of chasing short-term dopamine highs, build a portfolio around a short list of evidence-based rules.
  • Exercise the discipline to follow those rules.
  • Successful investors reduce fees and stick to something imperfect rather than endlessly pursue perfection.
  • Next time you stumble across an investment strategy that feels like a sure thing… remember it’s likely the dopamine talking.

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Putting probabilities in perspective 😇

  • If one person plays the lottery, the odds of picking the winning numbers twice are indeed 1 in 17 trillion.
  • But if one hundred million people play the lottery week after week the odds that someone will win twice are 1 in 30.
  • A 100-year event doesn’t mean it happens every 100 years.
  • It means there’s about a 1% chance of it occurring in any given year.
  • When there are hundreds of different independent 100-year events, odds are pretty good that one of them will occur in a given year.

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What’s your breaking point? 🛠

  • Rather than risk tolerance, you should ask: what’s your loss tolerance?
  • How much loss can you endure before you reach the point where emotions push you to change your mind and change your portfolio?
  • That breaking point is important because it’s usually where mistakes are made like buying high and selling low.
  • So how much of your net worth do you want to keep safe versus how much are you willing to lose outright?
  • The goal is to find that breaking point so you can build a portfolio that minimizes regret, limits how often you change your portfolio, and keeps you invested for the long run.

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Pop Quiz #10 ⚡️

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Identify this iconic brand.

Last week’s quiz results💡

Answer: Shrinkflation!

Quiz Winner – Kunal Karmakar 🎉

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[11 Jun 22] Newsletter: Blinded by the past, Chasing perfection, Putting probabilities in perspective & More
[11 Jun 22] Newsletter: Blinded by the past, Chasing perfection, Putting probabilities in perspective & More

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