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Month: January 2022

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Sri Lankan Crisis, Luck Vs Skill in Investing, FPI Selling Spree & More

We curate the most relevant, interesting, and actionable ideas from the world of investing in this weekly newsletter👇 🔅 Economics: What's happening ...

Adani Wilmar IPO: Should you invest?

The first major IPO of 2022 is here. Adani Group has been the fastest wealth creator in the last five years. Since 2015, Adani Enterprises had undergone major ...

Jan 2022: The game of luck is also a game of skill

This is an excerpt from the Jan 2022 letter to Capitalmind PMS ...

ICICI Strategic Metal & Equity FOF, How HNIs invest in IPO, Fixed Income Portfolio Update & More

In this week's edition, 👉 A quick take on the ICICI Prudential Strategic Metal and Energy Equity FoF (NFO) 👉 1 latest article & 1 podcast from the ...

The secret to HNI IPO funding that the RBI just killed

   How do High Net Worth Investors invest SO much in IPOs? Nykaa’s IPO saw Rs. 1,00,000 crores invested by the well-heeled Indian investors. But ...

CM Fixed Income Portfolio: Reducing Gilt Mutual Funds to add a Floater

Gilt funds suffer as yields move upwards on the back of higher expected inflation, rising crude prices and international bond movements. What we will do in the ...

HGS stake sale, AGR dues converted to equity, Where to invest in 2022 & More

HGS & a billion-dollar stake sale | Government claims stake in Vodafone Idea & Tata Tele | Capitalmind Momentum Portfolio in 2021 | TCS experimental trade | ...

Experimental: The TCS Buyback Opportunity

We have another experimental trade for the TCS Buyback. Experimentals are trades we do once-in-a-while, where an opportunity arises for the short term. The ...

Where to invest in 2022: Challenges and Opportunities

After a violent 2021, what's going to happen in the next year? What are the various things that are likely happen? And what should our response be to them? We ...

Skillful or just plain Lucky?

A review of the Capitalmind Momentum Portfolio, how it did in 2021 and thinking about 2022. The portfolio had a strong December with +7% along with the ...