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Diwali specials, Best discount offers, Jio’s new play & More.


The Diwali festivities will go long into this weekend and so will our discount offers!!  🎉

Diwali specials, Best discount offers, Jio's new play & More.

Diwali specials, Best discount offers, Jio's new play & More. Diwali specials, Best discount offers, Jio's new play & More.

In this edition, we have

  • 2 Diwali special articles & a research article from Capitalmind
  • Weekly Fundas post – All the Financial Advice You’ll Ever Need.
  • 5 best conversations from our slack community
  • 5 interesting reads curated especially for you

We don’t do Diwali picks but we do something better!🤹

At Capitalmind, we like to react, not predict. But once a year, we throw that rule into a drawer and let our minds run amok, from conspiracy theories to whatever Elon Musk is consuming nowadays, and try to frame a picture of what is likely to happen. But we have a special thing that people with predictions often do not do.

Check out how our predictions from Diwali 2020 did and new projections for the upcoming year.

[Read] Our annual predictions, and last year’s scorecard

What’s a good advice anyway? 🤔 

Who do you trust to get reliable, unbiased information to make your investment decisions?

From your friendly LIC Agent uncle who paid a visit soon after you got your first job to your Bank RM, unsolicited SMS’s of can’t miss trading ideas, Futures & Options Seminars by folks whose screenshots suggest they are doubling their net worth every third day. Even research platforms like ours, there is no shortage of sources of investment recommendations.

How does a reasonably intelligent person interested in doing the right thing for her financial future decide who’s worth listening to?

[Read] How to tell good advice from bad and the Capitalmind Diwali offer

The Jio dhan-dhana-dhan Diwali!📱

One of India’s cheapest smartphones will be launched this Diwali by the company which offers the world’s lowest mobile tariff rates – Reliance Jio. The new phone will be targeting the 30 crore mobile users who are on the 2G network and will be Ambani’s new weapon to dominate the Indian telecom market.

Read here to know everything about the phone and its impact.

[Premium Read] The ‘Next’ leg of growth for Reliance?

CM Fundas – All the Financial Advice You’ll Ever Need💡

Sometimes, we overcomplicate matters, especially in this blog where we will tell you to invest in ultra short-term funds because the yield curve is flattening or the flat curve is yielding, or both. And then we’ll tell you about how the Nifty looks like it will fall because of a fabulous-looking chart with a squiggly line that moves up and down often.

This is confusing. You don’t have the time. We get it.

So we will tell you the advice you want that should help you navigate your way to financial success.

[From Archives] All the Financial Advice You’ll Ever Need

[Premium] School of Slack 😎

Putting together the best conversations from our slack community

  • Following the uncle theta trades – [Tue trade] [Wed trade]
  • Of ETFs and Index Funds, Deepak Shenoy shares pointers on which one works better. [link]
  • Oscar speech of a trader when they hit a trading milestone. [link]
  • Here’s a new spoofing scam that hides behind the IPO boom. Beware. [link]
  • How to start, where to look, and what to do while starting with technical analysis. [link]

Links we Like

In this section, we bring you curated articles from across the internet that we found interesting. Today’s links are curated exclusively from our slack community: 

  • GMO discusses the frustration of watching your neighbor get rich. And there’s some commentary around the markets for Q3 2021. Read: 3Q 2021 Market Commentary
  • Michael Batnick shares an intriguing anecdote to drive across the point – Let the Market Worry For You
  • Every generation worries government debt is too high yet all it does is continue to rise over time. Here’s talking about The United States – Going Broke For Decades
  • There are two kinds of risks in investing and in life—fast risk and slow risk. Let’s talk about both – Risking, Fast and Slow
  • A situation where we’re paying the same or more for services, but they kinda suck compared with what they used to be. Good folks from Planet Money propose a new word to describe this stealth-ninja kind of inflation: skimpflation.

That’s all folks. Wish you the best of health and happiness on this Diwali and New Year! ☘️


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