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Big Diwali Discount, Investor Identity, Nykaa IPO, & More


Let us be among the first ones wishing you a Very Happy Diwali!  🎉

And, we don’t wish without presents. We bring you the best discount offers of the year for Capitalmind Premium as well as Capitalmind Smallcase. 

Big Diwali Discount, Investor Identity, Nykaa IPO, & More

Big Diwali Discount, Investor Identity, Nykaa IPO, & More Big Diwali Discount, Investor Identity, Nykaa IPO, & More

In this edition, we have

  • 4 research articles from Capitalmind
  • Weekly Fundas post – Time the market. Sleep better.
  • 5 best conversations from our slack community
  • 5 interesting reads curated especially for you

Do you wear your investment ideology on your sleeve? 🦾

Have you experienced being 100% unquestioningly sure about something, only to later have doubts?

Cricket followers: Take a look at the image and answer the question

Keep your investing identity small

Is the batsman in or out?

Curious about what a run-out has to do with investing?👇

[Read] Keep your investing identity small

Nykaa sure seems to be glamming up the IPO market! 💅  

The Nykaa IPO opened on 28th Oct, with a price band of ₹1,085 – ₹1,125, valuing over USD 7 Billion. It is the 3rd largest IPO in 2021, behind Zomato and Sona Comstar.

In these two posts we cover:

  • The business model of Nykaa?
  • How do the numbers stack up for its impending IPO?
  • How can investors decide whether to apply for the Nykaa IPO?
  • Compare the products offered by Nykaa with the competition.



Let’s talk taxes! 👻

One of the worst things about making money is taxes. And, taxes are taxing.

In this article on income from trading, we look into the nuances that go into classifying income from trading either as business income or capital gains.

  • How does income tax on share trading profits work in India?
  • Should trading gains be classified as Business income or Capital gains?
  • How are gains on unlisted shares taxed?


CM Fundas – How much does the “Buy and Hold” approach works?💡

If you had been investing a fixed amount every month into the NIFTY, diligently over the last five years, as of May 2020, your annualized return would have been negative. It then seems incredible that a lot of investing advice is to avoid market timing and to invest regularly.

In this article, we examine whether applying a simple exit-reentry signal could possibly do better than a Buy-and-Hold strategy.

[From Archives]: Time the market. Sleep Better.

[Premium] School of Slack 😎

Putting together the best conversations from our slack community

  • Following the uncle theta trades – [Wed trade] [Thu trade]
  • Capitalmind Premium League 2020 version concludes and we have the leaderboard. [link]
  • We analyze Tata Motors in the #TakingStock series. [link]
  • Soumeet Sarkar compares earnings of Gas distribution companies – Gujarat Gas Vs Adani Gas Vs Mahanagar Gas. [link]
  • Time for cryptocurrencies as a mainstream investment class in India, yet? [link]

Links we Like

In this section, we bring you curated articles from across the internet that we found interesting. Today’s links are curated exclusively from our slack community: 

  • There is no perfect species, one adapted to everything at all times. And yet, our tryst for perfection and 100% efficiency never dies. Here’s Morgan Housel at his best when he writes about Casualties of Perfection
  • Raise your hand if you’d like to go on stage and debate a history buff on the nuances of a historical time period of your choosing. Tim Urban, my favorite blogger, gives us a new perspective to look at the time gone by through Horizontal History
  • Bad Bets – a podcast that unravels big-business dramas that have had a big impact on our world by Wall Street Journal. The first season starts with the story of Enron – the most epic corporate fraud.
  • India’s economic recovery may appear increasingly paradoxical. Surging equity markets amidst an incomplete recovery. Read: India’s Economy: The Pandemic And Its Paradoxes
  • We had auctions for two new franchises participating in the latest edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). A private equity firm CVC Capital Partners grabbed the Ahmedabad team. Finshots covers why Private equity wants to play the IPL

That’s all folks. Wish you the best of health, happiness, and travels for the upcoming Diwali and New Year! ☘️


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