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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 17th April 2021 edition


​A crisp update on all that’s happened at Capitalmind this week – Saturday Coffee with Capitalmind. ☕️​

Markets this week: The CNX 500 advanced 2.3% with Metals, Telecom, Chemicals outperforming the most while Healthcare, IT and Services lagging.

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 17th April 2021 edition

The podcast is back! 🎧

Two questions from the global context –

  • Are the recent problems – GME, Greensill, and Archegos – signs of a damaged financial system that is so terribly fragile that a slightly bigger disaster can easily crush us?
  • Like what Covid has done to the world’s health system, are there more hidden risks in our financial system that can trigger a repeat of 2008?

In this episode, Deepak and Shray explore what’s happened in the US over the past few months, and examples of hidden leverage within India – Karvy, Zee, DHFL, and Harshad Mehta.

Capitalmind Passive portfolio is eating active funds for breakfast 🚀

Capitalmind’s Passive portfolio – a smart combination of Index funds – is now among the best performers of all large cap mutual funds, any time in the last three years.

We don’t really do “clickbait” titles for our posts but when we do, we make the content worth it.

Read –

The curious case of smallcase

Smallcase is a platform that lets you buy a basket of stocks, track its performance, and essentially helps you run an investment portfolio of sorts. Which is pretty cool!

However, whether you are evaluating subscribing to a smallcase or believe you have found the best smallcase to invest in, here are five things new investors should definitely consider.


Slack: Talking everything markets and a little more!

All premium subscribers get access to Premium posts, Model Portfolios, and the exclusive slack community. But a few of us miss out on checking the third one i.e the members’ community. This one is especially for them.

In this post, we have reflecting on what the Capitalmind community is all about and how it has helped him (and many others) get better. Better not just at investing or trading, but at everything else that involves some decision-making or even skill-building.


Slaying it on slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • An interesting discussion on the concept of calendar and date keeping by one of our members. Super interesting and super geeky! [Slack Link]
  • Citi Bank announced that they are winding down India operations along with few other markets. We discuss what to do with MFSIPs, credit card points, bank accounts, etc. [Slack Link]
  • Highly discussed in our #StockOfTheWeek series is a new kid on the block from Jubilant Group: Jubilant Ingrevia. [Slack Link]
  • We discuss ways to invest a substantial sum of money into fixed income instruments that are immune from Mark-To-Market. [Slack Link]

Links we like

In this section, we bring you interesting links from across the internet

  • Rahul Dravid is the talk of the town after the refreshing ad campaign. Here’s a little more of him. [Link]
  • An interesting WSJ story on how amazon strong arms its partners. [Link]
  • An insightful session by Kuntal Shah on Financial Scams and how to spot them. [Link]

​And a little something from a customer that made us smile this week 😊

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 17th April 2021 edition

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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 17th April 2021 edition

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