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November Chalks Up 11.4% as Nifty Heads To A Fifth Consecutive Profitable Year


What a way to close in towards the end of 2020, which has been a horrible year is so many aspects, but to present a Diwali month with 11.4% gains. It’s the best month, if you don’t count the 14% “recovery” month in April, since January 2012.

Nifty Monthly

This gives us a 6.6% for 2020 so far. If you slept through the last six months and looked at your portfolio you might just wonder what this Covid thing really is.

December has been the best month by average or median returns. This might mean that the Nifty gets a positive close for the fifth year in succession. The last streak was 6 years (2002 to 2007) and while this is a very hated bull run in comparison, it’s quite remarkably strong still.

The Next 50: Does Better Than the Nifty in 2020

The Next 50 has done even better in 2020 (7.2% up) but lagged a little bit in November with only 10.9%. This again heads into what has statistically been a good December. The Next 50 has a forgettable two years (2018 and 2019) so there’s some relief for those that found it really good as an investment earlier.

Next 50 Monthly


The Broad Market: Nifty 500

And indeed, the Nifty 500 does marginally better than the Nifty, and has an even more impressive 8.6% for the year.

Nifty 500 Monthly

Just a quick note to see this Nifty move in context. We’re in a bull run that no one seems to like, but it’s there and it’s happening.


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